Redefining cybersecurity excellence.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

[ cen.ter]

Security Operations Center pronunciation

A centralized unit managing security issues on an organizational and technical level, with a focus on people, processes, and technology.

Designed to adapt.

We’re beyond familiar with the complex, evolving digital threat landscape. It’s where we thrive.

Because the environment in which we work is constantly changing, our skillsets and teams change too—bringing equally different ways of thinking around combating threats.

Pillr SOCs by the numbers.


security analysts + threat hunters


dedicated SOCs


service + tool integrations


threat intelligence feeds

An unmatched standard for security.

We share a relentless drive to secure partner environments; a common goal to prepare Pillr partners to thrive, even in the face of today’s most challenging threats.

Shared vision. Diversity of thought.

We see the power of diversity and the incredible potential in the different ways of thinking that emerge.

Cybersecurity expertise.

We come from different backgrounds—from the focused world of academia to the high-pressure reality of government intelligence, and enterprise at every level.

Computing Fundamentals
Incident Response
Penetration Testing
Threat Hunting
Vulnerability Management

Commitment to respect.
The value of culture.

A standard for support and respect is at the core of our company. Those who join the Pillr team are valued on day one—encouraged to offer their fresh perspective.

This commitment to care spans our partner relationships. We routinely invite our partners to share collaborative reviews of the environments they manage, encouraging open conversation about their user experience, and together exploring opportunities for our team to improve.

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