For IT teams and service providers.

Unified PSA

Review and respond to tickets and vulnerabilities—all on Pillr.

Pillr integrates with your professional services automation tool of choice, synchronizing data for incident ticketing and software vulnerabilities. Data is imported to the environment you select.

Enhanced EDR

Your network is protected 24/7/365. Period.

Achieve complete endpoint awareness, no matter the scope of your data and devices. Pillr provides a collaborative approach to endpoint monitoring, threat detection, and response, supported by our expert security operations teams.

Integrated SOAR

Contain damage and reduce risk on Pillr with SentinelOne.

Use Pillr Workflows to automate and orchestrate threat response. Isolate compromised endpoints, quarantine risky files, run endpoint scans, and set alert escalation standards—including the option to escalate tickets to Pillr for 24/7/365 SOC service and support. SentinelOne capabilities are fully integrated.

Instant IR Support

Get peace of mind in real-time response support.

Incident response can be fully integrated into your Pillr experience, with the ability to initiate instant IR support on the platform. We offer customizable IR service plans to meet the unique interests and needs of your team.

SIEM Expanded

Pillr users see substantially fewer false positives compared to competing solutions.

Securing your clients and network is your priority—and ours. Pillr provides robust security information and event management capabilities. Set up is easy, and security logs are automatically analyzed and correlated with known threat intelligence to assign severity.

Advanced Antivirus

Go beyond traditional AV tooling with Pillr.

Advanced antivirus monitoring is built into Pillr. The Pillr agent extracts full script contents—including PowerShell—so issues are identified based on script source code. Potentially risky files are assessed against our global threat feeds, and high-priority events are ticketed and synchronized with your service desk.

24/7/365 Expertise

Collaborative, expert-guided cybersecurity made to scale.

No matter the day or time, your team is supported by ours on Pillr. Our 85+ security analysts and threat hunters maintain the knowledge and skillsets necessary to identify and understand potentially malicious events and provide remediation guidance.


Truly effortless, reliable endpoint monitoring.

Our agent-based approach to endpoint monitoring goes beyond the perimeter. The Pillr agent is lightweight and maintenance free. It runs in the background to monitor critical telemetry and can be easily deployed in an automated process or through your remote management tool.  

Threat Hunting

Powered by a team of 85+ analysts & threat hunters.

Pillr threat hunting services are a part of Pillr’s cybersecurity operations platform that helps you detect, investigate, and remediate threats across your network.

Vulnerability Management

We help identify and prioritize the risks in your network, and provide you with remediation guidance and support.

Our vulnerability management service utilizes the Pillr cybersecurity operations platform that integrates with your professional services automation tool of choice, synchronizing data for incident ticketing and software vulnerabilities. Our platform integrates with over 450+ security data sources and tools, and correlates data with 35+ industry leading threat intelligence feeds

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Diverse expertise + performant technology.

Our team is dynamic. We come from different backgrounds. From computer science research and IT services to government and military intelligence.

We’re prepared to provide the service and support you need to take on today’s cybersecurity challenges with confidence.

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