Together, let’s question how we take on cybersecurity.

Most IT teams don’t have the resources to maintain the infrastructure, software, or staff required to run a security operations center. And they shouldn’t have to.

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Pillr was inspired by the belief that all organizations—and the people who make them possible—would be more secure if they were under the safekeeping of a skilled 24/7/365 security operations center, or SOC.

Traditionally, establishing an enterprise-grade cybersecurity program required building and maintaining a SOC—an on-premises facility with a multifaceted set of people and processes to run tools supporting threat awareness, intelligence, and response. Pillr is shaking up this standard.

Re-envisioning cybersecurity services and technology.

Pillr is the result of over 25 years of cybersecurity experience by way of Novacoast.

At the outset, Novacoast was made up of a small team of engineers with a vision of an IT services shop built on ingenuity, talent, and technology—delivered through partnerships spanning the IT industry.

Launching an in-house application development team in 2001, Novacoast swiftly expanded beyond the standard spectrum of technical services. Today, this team develops software solutions for clients across the globe.

This was the starting place for Pillr—a web-based SOC solution capable of meeting the evolving security needs of SMBs in a collaboratively managed, highly performant platform experience.

Incredible technology, empowered by people.

Pillr goes beyond today’s most inspiring technology, supercharging what’s possible in AI, automation, and threat analysis and intelligence with the prowess of people—the Pillr SOC team.

While modern technology is required to process the large quantity of data that results from event and incident monitoring, a human analyst is still the best decision-making asset in a SOC.

Meet every standard [and then some].

Every event, incident, or response follows a pre-defined process established by the Pillr SOC—a standard that ensures thorough coverage for all types of security scenarios.

Our processes are designed to adhere to industry best practices and align to published control frameworks, including NIST, NY-DFS, PCI, and SOC 2.

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